Hey, I'm Steph,

and I believe a fulfilling life is thoughtfully designed with intention and purpose...

I Finally Accepted I wasn't Like Everyone Else I Knew

A square peg trying to fit into a circle hole is how I often felt when I tried to make myself fit into corporate life 10+ yrs. I kept hoping the next job would fill this void. It didn't work and I knew it wouldn't because deep down, I knew I was wired differently from my peers. I have different interests that I wanted to pursue, which I couldn’t do being tied down in a 9-5. I craved flexibility, freedom, and more control. It took awhile for me to realize I would have to create my own opportunities, design a life that enables me to support my different ambitions and aspirations. On my terms.

How my story began...

And Left my 9-5 in my mid-30's

Go for the life you want or settle for the life you have.

...was what I constantly told myself before I finally took action and started my first online business as a lifestyle blogger (back in the day when blogging was met with heaps of judgment). Leading multi-million dollar digital campaigns during the day, I worked on my blog and IG at night and weekends for a couple of years until I was able to consistently monetize and (finally!) said goodbye to my 9-5.

The beauty of being your own boss is at the end of the day, you’re in control. 

I absolutely love guiding others in realizing their entrepreneur dreams and it would be my honor to support you on your success journey too!

When I realized my heart was no longer connecting with the content I was sharing, that overtime something was increasingly out of alignment, as hard as it was, I knew stepping off that fast-moving train was internally the right decision. I took the time to self-reflect. I needed to stay true to who I am at my core and be more intentional in how I want to show up in my next business, and how I want to better serve my community.

Drawing on my extensive digital media background and personal strengths in mindset and emotional intelligence, I pivoted to consulting private clients on their online businesses, quickly realizing this is the level of impact and purpose that I was wanting. I learned the hard way that while profitability is important, it isn’t everything for me. My business has to drive both income AND impact for it to be fulfilling for me, and I look forward to helping you with yours.

Periodically check in with yourself if what you're doing is serving the current you

While creating content full-time, I landed global brand partnerships including Nespresso, Creed Fragrance, Mejuri, and more. I enjoyed the freedom of travel and worked from anywhere in the world. However, after years of non-stop content creation, major burn-out, and growing inner turmoil behind the scenes, I pulled the plug on everything and took a step back from it all. Trust me when I say…that was one of the hardest business decisions I ever had to make. To date.

My belief

"Your mind is like an instrument. Don't let it play you.


Words to Live By

all about


kind heart,
a good laugh,
handwritten words,
my pup Lexie

CPO  (Chief Pup Officer)
not about

negative energy,
the word "can't",
that comparison game.


Design Your Business to Support the Life You Want


Whether it's helping you launch your very first online coaching business or empowering you in areas of your ongoing personal growth journey, I am committed to helping you all thrive in business and in life. On your terms.